RIPPEL 90.5FM changes to GROOT FM 90.5.

A new name, new station and programming!
After being on air for 18 years in the Greater Pretoria, Centurion and surrounding areas in
Gauteng, South Africa, as well as broadcasting internationally via audio streaming.
What a privilege it was! The time has come for change.
A new management team has been appointed and a new name and brand has
been launched on 5th August 2013 to take
the vision and mission of Rippel 90.5 fm further -
GROOT FM 90.5 Although new and exciting times
lie ahead, an old season also has to end.
There have been many hours of great entertainment, interaction and wonderful
times with our listeners.
Radio Rippel 90.5 fm wants to thank everyone from our listeners,
to the advertisers, our wonderful staff, the agencies and
contributors for their support, loyalty, work and prayers over the past 18 years.
We wish Groot FM 90.5 all the best, to take the radio station
to new heights and to reach even more people and make an impact on the community.
May the love of Jesus Christ and the
presence of the Holy Spirit guide you, to the
Honour of God our Father. Always in His service!!

Greetings and thank you!

Kobus Rudolph CEO : Radio Rippel 90.5 fm

Visit :

Tel : (012) 349-2574

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